Latihan Soal UN SMP 2011

>> Friday, December 3, 2010

Chairman of the UN Working Committee (National Exam) Commission X, Rully Chairul Azwar, said that the government should, through the Ministry of National Education (Kemdiknas), conduct a review concerning the implementation of the UN. According to him, in the future the UN should only be held and conducted for high school students (SMA) alone, given the primary school level (SD) and junior high school (SMP) into the 9-year compulsory education program. He explained that with the implementation of the SMP UASBN, will continue to maintain the quality of education, but just executing it is the school.

"This is one solution that is we submitted to the government. Perhaps it should be reviewed for implementation of the UN in the following years. The goal, split between junior and senior UN. Where, UN SMP should be made such as the National Standard School Final Examination (UASBN ), the same as that held in the Elementary School. Therefore, they are still one entity, namely 9-year basic education, "Rully said, in a hearing (RDP) of the UN, along with Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) Kemdiknas, in the Parliament Building RI, Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11) afternoon.

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With these UASBN system, Rully explained that the problem still manufactured and distributed by the central government, but implementation is conducted internally every school without any government interference. He said also, other formulas could be using the school report card. "If it's formula, it can by road anywhere, as long as students are not disadvantaged because the educational standards are not uniform," he added.

Meanwhile, the mention of the UN formula which was formulated by Kemdiknas, Rully asserted that the House agrees with the four options offered Events Calendar, given to the implementation of the UN during the student harmed by the quality standards of education are not the same. "Basically we agree to it. But we are more stressed, that the formula produced by Kemdiknas there should be no element of the UN (is) veto," he said.

In addition, Rully also said that as Chairman of the UN Panja, it agreed that the formulation of the formula submitted to the President in the first cabinet meeting. "Leave it. In our opinion only fair, really. Indeed, in this case the minister must report to his boss first. But for sure, next week there should be results," he cried.

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